3 Ways To Improve Your Staff’s Listening Skills

Anyone in business today needs to know just how important it is to have staff that listens.

Not only do you want the staff to listen to you and the managers so they know what they are doing, but you also want to make sure they are listening to what the customers have to say.

You want to make sure your employees know the advantages of having good listening skills, such as helping them to do their job correctly and even getting more sales.

Listening can let the sales staff learn more about what the customers really want, and that can be a huge benefit when it comes to closing a sale and getting the customer on board.

However, knowing that listening is important and knowing how to listen are two separate things.

Fortunately, you can help to improve your staff’s listening skills with these three tips.

Help Them To Understand The 25/75 Ratio

One of the best ways to be a good listener is to know when to stop talking.

For many people, especially those who are in the field of sales, this is difficult.

Quite a few people who are in sales like talking, but if they aren’t careful, they will end up talking right over the customers they are trying to help.

You can instruct your employees to try to stay as close to the 25/75 ration as possible.

This simply means they should be talking about 25% of the time and listening 75% of the time.

The information they can get from the customers when they listen can provide them with insight into what the customer truly wants, thus making sales easier.

Engage Active Listening

When you are listening to the person who is speaking, actually listen to what they are saying.

Too many people are already formulating ideas for what they are going to say next, or what their retort will be.

They are not listening to what is being said, and that tends to lead to a lot of misunderstanding.

When you are actively listening, it makes the speaker feel as though you truly care about what they are saying.

Utilise Better Questioning

Part of listening is about asking the right questions during the back and forth.

When you listen, you will come up with better, more focused questions that you can then ask the customer.

Good questions then lead to more answers, which can in turn lead to the “eureka” moment when you know exactly what the customer needs.

Questioning can be used by the employees when they are speaking with managers, as well, for clarification.

You can practice these techniques with relative ease.

Employees who are working in sales can and should engage in these listening tips with one another so they can improve their skills.

Listening skills are being lost today, as more and more people seem to be content communicating in 140 characters of less.

Do not let proper listening fall by the wayside. It can improve your business.

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The Retail Sales Academy Team

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